Feb 19, 2010

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With the crochet part of my wedding gown having been completed, I figured I should take some pictures of it.  The pictures are of it unblocked.  I plan to do some light blocking to help maintain its shape while I wear it.

 This is a picture of the neckline of the dress.  All the details about yarn, hook size, and pattern can be found either on this blog entry or here on my Ravelry Project Page.
If you click on the photo, it should enlarge so you can see where I added the beading.  This is the front of the dress folded over and the back is peaking out slightly from behind.

This is the back of the dress.  Still unblocked, I have to try it on a few more times, so I'm waiting before I wash it (carefully) and gently block it.


This is a picture of the extra piece that I inserted under the armhole.  The pattern called for a rather large gap to be there, as you can see, I filled in quite a bit.  I just followed along with the stitch pattern.  It doesn't look great so close, but when I'm wearing the dress you don't see it at all.
Now I have some more pictures for you today.  I went picture crazy yesterday.  I tried to touch them up to show the real colors as well.  They are still slightly off.

This is the center that you can see here.  The shawl is made in one piece, but you attach at the starting side once you have half the length that you desire.  It's a powdery blue color, and that is the main theme color of the wedding.
Pattern : Lace & Amethyst Wrap (link)
Yarn : Caron Simply Soft in Soft Blue
Hook :  H/5.0mm
Made for : My Wedding yipppeeee!!!
Notes : Please see my Ravelry Project Page for my notes

Here is a close up of the edging which is the Celestial Edging.  It's quite lovely, and once blocked really add some more "umph" to the shawl, make it a little more special.  I added some silver and gold beading to the tips, but they are fairly well concealed , maybe they will show up better upon blocking; we shall see.... 


Another close up

Looks snuggly up close....doesn't it?

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