Oct 27, 2008

New Project & Other stuff

Before I start talking about my new project, I'd like to mention that I went to my first knitting group last week and I absolutely had a blast. I can say that, I'm not the most sociable person and I really loved it anyway. The people were happy, relaxed, and just generally comfortable around each other. I know I had a plug in my last post about joining a group...but I will do it again. Join, it will be the best thing you do! They usually welcome "hookers" (crocheters) also.

Now, onto bigger and maybe not so much better things. I started the Lush Lace Pullover from Lion Brand free patterns. I would post the link, except that you have to be registered with Lion Brand to view their free patterns. So mosey on over to their website and check it out. I think it will be perfect for winter and I think I can finish it in time for X-mas, unless I get distracted.....

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