Oct 8, 2008

More new stuff

Okay, well...there are many things swarming around in my brain.
Let's stick with crochet. Many of projects, both WIPs and FOs are on my Ravelry site. My Ravelry.
So, I'm all over the place with my WIPs. I have the doily, the rosemary sweater, the tunic (made a boo boo), the body pillow cover, and now, the Christmas pillows from the new Crochet Today issue.
I just started the pillow on Monday....I'm sort of excited, but only sort of. We'll see, I think I'll be more excited when they are complete.
My crochet to do list is very big.
I want to make a costume for Halloween....pfft...yeah right.
I want to make Fall/Thanksgiving type decorations (also pfft...yeah right)
I want to make Christmas decorations and gifts....that's my biggest aspiration currently. With the new house, it's easier for me to crochet gifts for everyone, rather than go out and buy something.
I also have aspirations to write up that tear drop pattern...
BTW, my loverly friend Jenifer loved her Tote bag (see previous entry).

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