Oct 1, 2008

I made stuff up...yay

I made up two patterns. Neither are all that impressive, and I haven't typed them up, so they aren't ready for the debut on my blog just yet. I'll try to get to that in the next few days, but I make no promises.

One of the patterns, the Tear Drop or Ra
in Drop pattern, I had been sort of throwing it around in my mind for a while. The shape of a drop is elegant and (for some reason) precious. So I gritted my teeth and wrote something up. Just doing that, which is something I've attempted before makes me realize how much work it is to design patterns. Some people are just so talented, I can't believe it!

The second pattern, which I may not type up, mainly b/c I've seen many versions of it floating about, is a hook case for Jen. It will be a gift to go with the 8 Pocket Tote that I made for her.

Pictures: First is the rain drop, second is the hook case, third is the Tote, and lastly is an update on the rosemary sweater.

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