Sep 18, 2008


Okay, first things first, I wanted to put an updated version of my kitties, b/c the previous post shows when the kitten was smaller. So here is the updated photo, please enjoy their cuddly goodness.

Now, onto other things; quick rundown of my hectic (sort of) life. Ready??
I wake up early, drive to work (44mi), work all day, drive home from work (44mi), listen to my boyfriend/fiance ask me how to: find things, do things, clean things, do anything, I crochet for as long as my eyes will stay open and then try to fall asleep (despite the fact that I'm so f-ing tired). Okay, now that you understand me.....onto my next topic.

We are draining our pool, and by pool I mean tiny little above ground no deeper than 4.5' and by draining I mean flooding the backyard profusely...anyone want an above ground pool? It's free if you come pick it up?? Didn't think so.

Now onto better things.
I am moving along fairly well with the Rosemary sweater.
This is where I left off last night at bedtime. Hopefully, I have this all figured out. The advice I got from both the designer and the nice woman from crochetme really helped out a lot.

I think my next order of business, in terms of crochet, will be to learn some Tunisian Crochet. It certainly seems, conceptually, to be easy, but we shall see what reality has in store for me. (I always seem to feel that way).

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