Sep 17, 2008

J Update 9.17.08

Here are some of my any crocheter, you will notice that I'm no different...I have many projects at once....I'm crazy (for many reasons, not just this one).

Body Pillow Project: Side 1 of this giant pillow case will be done in horizontal stripes that are all in different stitches and different colors. I will use buttons to enclose the case (makes for easy cleaning and adds some "style").
This is a pic of side 2 of this particular project, it's all double crochet rows; the pillow is next to it (for effect)
This is the Gentle Wind Doily (almost done):

The Rosemary Sweater (by Robyn Chachula): This pattern can be found on Episode 110 (great pattern). This one, I had gotten to almost the point of where you see in the picture and I had to frog the whole thing b/c I had made a very large it's all better; not even nearly finished yet though. This yarn is great; it's JoAnn Sensations Angel Hair.

My baby number 2 (kitten not child) is growing very she's bigger and annoying, instead of just annoying (still love her though). She's giving the big kitty a lickin'

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