Mar 10, 2014

Girlie baby stuff....

Although I have no time, I have lots of's ironic and also a common predicament amongst us crafters.  I have two baby blankets to finish by May/June and another one to start and finish by July, but all I want to do is make baby girl stuff for my little lady or...shawls...yes...I feel like I never have enough.  I've also been baking like a mad woman, something my husband certainly appreciates.

I made these and holy moly they are delicious....and only 3 points per bar...not too shabby.

Now, more baby stuff that I want to make.

Mermaid Dress

This dress is really cute and since it's raglan it will be really easy to knit.  It's not free, but I might be willing to acquire such a pattern for the sake of cuteness everywhere.

Sweet Pea Sweater
This pattern seems great, my only issue is the price.  It seems a somewhat simple construction and they are charging quite a bit more than I would like to pay for a design like this.  It's so cute and appears easy to make, so it's definitely on my wish list for now.

Peachy Ensemble

I can't believe this pattern is free.  It's awesome.  It has matching booties, puffy sleeves, and bloomers.  This is a must make for me.

I will probably have to do another post of my baking escapades, a "round up" if you will, of yumm-e-ness.  If you can't wait for that, head over to my pinboard.  I try to comment on the recipes that I've made, including any modifications or things I didn't like.

If I can get some decent pictures of my blanket, I'll be back on Wednesday with a post of my progress...If not, maybe I can rehash the past few days of my little man and his hand surgery....such gripping blog fodder...I know.

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