Aug 7, 2013

WiP Wednesday - FO Edition

I feel like showing FO's is a bit of cop out, but I kind of enjoy doing it, especially since I haven't really done it before AND I get to show you some really great patterns and projects that I loved and didn't talk about here.

Next up is what I call the Barbayanni blanket.  It was made for my cousin's baby boy.  I loved everything about this project.

The colors, the pattern, and the final product.

The pattern is SmoothFox's A Whole Lotta Holes.  It was soooo easy and I flew through this blanket.  Now the "white" is actually a pale blue as it's a marl of medium blue and white.  It's not easy to capture it with the camera that I had at the time, so you'll have to take my word for it.  OR you can head over to my Ravelry Project Page and have the ability to zoom in closer to the pictures.

Let me talk a little bit about SmoothFox.  Here is the link to her blog.  Her patterns are awesome and she offers soooo many for free.  I follow her blog and I love seeing all her testers show off their FOs for the billions of patterns that she releases.

So, in conclusion, if you require a blanket pattern that is super fast and super easy, then this is the one for you.  It literally took me 11 days and that's working a full time job, to finish this.  That means only an hour or two a day at the most to finish.  Also, I washed and blocked it, which is included in that time.  ALSO I used baby yarn and an "H" hook!!  GO !  Make One!

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