Jun 10, 2013

Vacation & Wedding

My very best-est friend got married on June 1st and as you know I was in St. Kitts and Nevis to celebrate with her.  I had the obligation privilege to be her Maid (in my case Matron, I suppose) of Honor.  Needless to say, but the island was BEAUTIFUL and her wedding was FABULOUS.

She made so much effort to organize meals and tours for us.  There aren't so many sights on the island, but there is a ton of stuff to just do and experience, so we did...

We went to see Brimstone Hill, which is a World Heritage Site and a feat in architectural design and management.  That doesn't sound exciting but, when you consider that it's on the top of this enormous mountain "hill", took 100 years to construct on the backs of African slaves, and has been standing since the 1600s, it is amazing.  The road to get in is rather treacherous and I'm glad that I was sitting on a small tour bus instead of navigating the terrain.

By far that was the most interesting thing we saw, but we did go visit:

Ottley's Plantation Inn : this was for the wedding reception dinner, but you can wander around the place and see the ocean view or rain forest

Romney Manor : this place just has really beautiful picture opportunities as well as seeing the way that Batik clothe is made and catching a glimpse of a 400-year old saman tree.

Cathy's Ocean View Bar & Grill : this place was a more "local" thing to do.  It's along a strip of bars that back up to the ocean.  Here you can get all kinds of more local foods versus the touristy-American type of fare.  The link I gave isn't really directly for Cathy's but the food was awesome and if you're in St. Kitts you should check out that area.

Island Tour : I highly suggest this, as there are many many smaller sites to see and a good tour guide can give you a nice description of the history of the island.  I'm not sure if the link is the exact one we used, but I can say that our tour guide/bus driver was Michael and he was awesome!

I have so many pictures...close to 700 I think, but I promise I will only post a very small percentage of them. I think that many will be reserved for Photo Friday posts.

Also, the coffee....phenomenal....

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