May 1, 2013

WiP Wednesdsay - Oaklet Shawl

My Oaklet Shawl is all done...we'll see how long it takes me to block it.  I still haven't even blocked my last project....

I'm a little worried that it won't loosen up with blocking, but hopefully after a good soak the stitches will ease.  I tend to knit tightly and I debated going up a needle size, but we shall see.

I switched colors near the end because I knew that I would not have enough of the Tosh Sock.  So I dug through my leftover fingering yarn and realized that I could use the Tosh Merino Light that I had from my most recent project, the Serriform Shawlette.

I was a bit nervous about how they would play together, but over all, I'm happy with the result and I can't wait to soak it and pin it....

I will have to have a Ta-Dah post once I get this all blocked out and the weights of the yarn measured (yes I'm THAT lazy).

Here she is in all her crinkly, unblocked, glory:

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