Feb 25, 2013

Off to Europe - Travelling for Business

I will be in Europe by the time you read this.  Specifically in Switzerland.  Although it's exciting, I miss my son and husband terribly.  The whole week leading up to my flight I was a rather emotional whenever I dwelled too much upon not seeing E for 5 days, I mean, 5 days?!  That's really a long time in his world.  I just know that I'm going to miss it, the first time that he crawls...he's sooo close.

Either way, I just wanted to put it out there that I will be quiet here for a week or so.  I will have my Photo Friday post and if I get some time, for both knitting and photographing, then I will also have something for WiP Wednesday, but no promises there.

Here is a cute picture for your perusal.

Take care and see you when I get back !

PS.  I'm moving the weekend that I get home, so it might be a few more days....

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