Feb 16, 2013

Knit Edge Issue 2 Is Up

I have a received a copy of the Knit Edge magazine, Issue 2.  I've been slowly perusing its articles.  For the other two issues, I didn't love the patterns, but again with the articles.  They certainly seem to be selected with care and I really appreciate this.

Although I love craft magazines for their patterns, I absolutely enjoy reading good, well written articles about the craft world that I wouldn't otherwise learn.

For example, there is an article all about Guernseys (sweaters).  Never would I have thought this would even be interesting, but the article is really well written and the history of those sweaters is pretty cool.

There is one pattern in there that I really really like, and it's worth buying the issue just for it.  It's called Watershed (rav link) and I'm definitely adding it to my queue.  I like how it's substantial and and the pattern really appeals to my love of geometric design.

Here is a link to their website, where you can become a subscriber or if you click the Ravelry link above you can also purchase through them.

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