Jan 16, 2013

Row@n eNewsletter - January 2013

Unfortunately, I have do not have any of my own content today.  Many things in my life are mixed up, swirled around, and inside out for now.  I have no time really for crafty goodness and I don't foresee any in the very near future.  We are in the process of buying a house (soooooo complicated) and everything we own is scattered all around (including my little kitties).  E is now 7 months old and starting to move away from the location where I put him.

But, what I do have is the January eNewsletter from Row@n Yarns.  Although I have not sampled many of their yarns, the newsletter continues to be something that I enjoy to read.  I can take a few minutes from my day, and focus on something other than my hectic life.

I am digging the Lovelock sweater....I even like the colors.

Also, if you become a member, then you have access to their library of free patterns....free = fabulous.

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