Nov 27, 2012

Homebuying, Landlord-ing, Etsy, & Ears

As per my usual, there are plenty of things keeping me occupied outside of my career (which is busy enough).

We have been trying to sell our home since March of this year, without a scrap of luck. We haven't even had anyone come for a second showing. Well, we pulled our home off the market and got ourselves a we need to move out by December 15th. My immediate thought, each time my brain circles back to it, YIKES, DECEMBER 15TH !!!! Should be an interesting next few weeks. Luckily, my in-laws are kind enough to let us stay with them while we put all of our "stuff" into a POD (so cool). We are set to close, on our new house, just after the new year, so, fingers crossed ya'll.

In other news, I've been frantically knitting/crocheting to get some stock in my Etsy store. I've decided to get a bit more serious about my crafty life, since I enjoy it so much and it costs me a pile quite a bit of money. I figure, if I can just earn a few bucks to suplement my burgeoning desire to purchase yarn and patterns, then I won't feel so guilty. I have a few things, but I've been too busy to take photos and put up listings, so wish me luck to get this sh-tuff done.

Finally, the ears. My 6 month old son has caught an ear infection. He is miserable. You know what that means, it's simple math really. Baby misery^3 = Mommy misery

Be back soon, folks.

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