May 16, 2011


There are many things going on.

Summer is on its way and therefore, I am getting my garden ready.
I will follow up with some adorable seedling photos at some point.

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant.  No luck so far.
What is ironic (and possibly self-fulfilling fate) is that I always figured something might be "wrong" with me in the area of reproduction, but deep down I always thought "not me".  Unfortunately, I have PCOS and I am anovulatory (no ovulation at all).  I'm in my first "cycle" of Provera/Clomid, not very much fun, really.  It seems on my first dose, that I did not ovulate, so we try again.
I'd like to say that this blog should be about happy things only, but as this is such a major part of my life, I cannot ignore it.

As per my usual, I have many projects ongoing.  But there is one that I recently finished.
The pattern is Crochargosy (ravelry)

Although the pattern is great, may I recommend using acrylic yarn.  As this pattern is prone to extreme curling at the edges.  Above you can see this.  This is blocked already, severly.  Unfortunately, it still curls.  My advice is to use a yarn that you can "kill" with heat/steam.
This pattern is great, it seems a little wonky at first, but power through, because it was FAST to make.

My next post I will talk about the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival (want to get my pictures on my computer).
Then, maybe a brief picture foray into our Anniversary trip to Napa, CA.
I also have another free pattern to share....

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