May 31, 2011

KAL - Summer Mystery Shawlette Cont'd

I'm moving along with this project.  It's fun and I seem to enjoy not knowing the next step.
The number has now  bumped up past 800 participants.  It will be cool to see all the finished projects.

My knitting seems rather tight, so I'm hoping, blocking will open up the lace.

I have more than this complete, but was too lazy to take a new picture.  This one gives you the idea.

My garden is far, the only thing I have from all that, is a rather nasty sunburn (all my own fault).  I've never had it be sooo itchy.  Driving me nuts!

I visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art this weekend.  Awesome.  I love going to a museum, any museum.

Museum yarn-eee love.

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