Feb 21, 2011

What's up?

I will go on as if I was never gone.

Well, looking back at my previous post, I can see that my life is pretty low key.  Not too many crazy changes.

My hubby had shoulder surgery (he's almost fully recovered now).
Our floors are done, a few spots we need to "fix".
Our backyard renovations are complete (despite our issues with the landscapers).
Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went (I seemed to not get into the spirit this year...).
Officially, I changed my last name (weird).

Otherwise, we're both chugging along.

I have been knitting and crocheting, fervently.  You can check out all my projects on Ravelry.

I did write up a pattern for fingerless gloves for men.   I need to finish the edit before it'll be ready for public consumption.  Even then, there aren't any guarantees....

One more thing, this is pretty awesome and addicting.  I've joined Pinterest.  I just joined; I had anxiously awaited my invitation...
I've only just begun pinning things, but you're welcome to check it all out.  This is my "page"

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