Jul 13, 2010

FO and WIP

Finally finished the Chloe Cardigan.  You can see my modifications here.
This project was great.  Doris Chan is really an amazing designer.
I also love working with Naturally Caron Spa yarn.

Ignore the ridiculous outfit I'm wearing.  I was too lazy to go and change.

I have a few WIPs right now.  One of them is a Bathmat for the MIL and another is a Poncho for SIL.  No pictures of those at the moment, but I do have a picture of some lace that I'm knitting.
I agonized to find a project for this yarn.
First, let me introduce the yarn.

Maple Creek Farm - Hickory
2-ply Laceweight
Pale, icy blue with subtle shading.

Now the lace:
Details can be found here

That's all for today folks.

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