Nov 21, 2008

MSW08 - Experience 1

So, I'm already behind. I dragged my feet ordering yarn because the yarn that was recommended and offered at discount, although beautiful and I'm sure very high quality was way out of budget for me. So, my naivete in buying lace weight yarn was following me around as I searched through chain stores for it. Finally, I was on yarndex...uhm...tonight and I decided to check out KnitPicks. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection and I decided to purchase the recommended hank size for the project and some extra, just in case. I'm really excited.
So, hopefully, by next week I will start my swatching expedition and then get ready to knit up the first clue.
Wish me luck.
Also, a quick note, an update on all things knit and crochet is coming soon...I promise.

Nov 11, 2008

Christmas Crochet

Well, it's been a little while since I last wrote, but I've been good, and I've finished a bunch of stuff on my list.
I've finally finished my Body Pillow Cover, now it sits in my window for the kitties and me to sit on.
I finished a sweater for my mom and sis for christmas. I plan to make one more for each of them.
I finished a X-mas stocking for my hunny....I plan to make one for me and one for each of my kitties. I have a little pile of snowflakes and other such trinkets to starch and give out for X-mas as well.
I also started a new sweater, but this one is for me. I couldn't resist it any longer. Although I have made some heavy modifications to it. It's from Crochet Today! Sept/Oct 2008 issue. The Star-Studded Sweater. Only I removed the color changes in the yoke and started it at the fifth row. You can check it out on my ravelry page (Davana is my user name). I have many other things going on as well and I plan to update again soon.