Sep 25, 2008

New Project Alert

Okay, so I've put aside the rosemary sweater, at least until this weekend. I have to wash and block the first part of it, so I'm going to wait until I have some time. AKA, the weekend. Let's all cross our fingers.
Now I've decided to start Lion Brand's Eight Pocket Tote. It's an easy, free pattern from Lion Brand. I like it so far. It has one of my favorite fabric stitches, alternating sc and dc. Makes a nice resilient and stretchy fabric. I've made a skirt with it before.
Sorry, but no pics today, my other harddrive died on Tuesday and so I've lost all of my patterns, photos, documents, all my personal I have to go through data recovery. Should be fun....
Still draining our pool. More than 3/4 of the way done now. This weekend will more than likely involve: standing in the pouring rain, taking the pool apart, and starting to rip apart the deck around the pool.
Wish me luck! I'd really like to get back to the Rosemary Sweater.
PS. Both patterns I've mentioned are free. If you don't have access to ravelry (which you should sign up for), then the Rosemary Sweater is from Knitting Daily TV Episode 110 (you have to sign up at both of these sites also). The Tote pattern is from the Lion Brand website.

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